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Portmerion Cockerel Plates

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Pointon's Hanley Staffordshire

 boxed coffee set

with silver spoons from A J Bailey dated 1909-10

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Chapman porcelain China pattern A1422

Dates to 1891


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Fenton China thimble

Winston Churchill VE day

1 1/8 inches high



Grove China

 Papaver Plate

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Birchcroft China Peephole thimble plus 3 other Birchcroft thimbles

The shrine church of our Lady of Walsingham

size around 1 1/4 inches high



no damage has black spot under lady letters

others no damage price for all




Doverstone Heather pattern

cups saucers only

6 cups 6 saucers available

look unused date from 1960's

price per cup saucer 4.95


Soho pottery Solian ware

plates etc

pattern 5300

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Waterford Lismore Platinum

cups saucers tea plates

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Baker & co

Fenton Staffordshire


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Vintage Staffordshire made


cow creamer

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Caverswall asst thimbles

with another Queensway rose glass and Donegal

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Anchor china

Indian tree pattern

cake plate

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Marcel Goldscheider Staffordshire

Barker (2) and Mr. Squeers

 Dickens Characters

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oriental pattern


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Finsbury Thimbles

Stoke on Trent

month of the year thimbles

size 1  inch

All 12.... each month cased

September is damaged all the others ok

price for all 12



Royal Sutherland

set of 3 mugs

Identical mugs / beakers

look unused

price for the 3



size around 3 5/8 inches high and top diameter 3 1/8 inches



Goodwins and Harris


dates to 1830's

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J & R Riley

jug c1814

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Golly Thimbles

 9 in Quantity

all in boxes and all marked made in Stoke on Trent


golf one damaged (small chip)




price for all 9



A J  Wilkinson

Royal Staffordshire pottery 

Jenny Lind pattern

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British Anchor Old Willow Pattern

Cups, Plates etc

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Tureen 1907

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Cabinet Cups, Plates etc

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Crown Staffordshire Aristocratic Pattern

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Mayfayre Staffordshire

 fruit bowl

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Elizabethan Staffordshire

cottage rose pattern

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keeling street potteries

Toby jug

no cracks etc

priced to clear 99p


New Chelsea


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Heathcote China

 (H.M. Williamson & Sons)

Bridge pottery Longton Staffordshire


footed slop bowl tapering top diameter 4 7/8 inches in diameter around 2 3/4 inches high

no cracks chips damage very little use if any no craze

factory closed in c1941


Pattern number 5272

1 only so if your missing a piece to complete the set




advertising thimbles

12 in total

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Wellington china ( J .H. cope)



Christopher Wren


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Duchess Staffordshire

 white with gold Trio

cup saucer plate

hardly used condition



cup size 2 3/4 inches high

saucer 5 5/8 inches in diameter

tea plate 6 5/8 inches in diameter



1 set only

in nice condition

price 3.99





springfield pattern

unused condition but please allow minor marks


2 dinner plates 10 inches in diameter

no cracks chips  damage

no crazing


Price for both plates


postage on this item (2 plates) to send to the U.K.

is 5.50

buy it now button available soon





Melrose Pattern

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Coffee cups saucers

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no name House pattern

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Provence Pattern

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Royal Alma




3 in stock

look unused though one has a firing mark on the surface colour is green   size 8 3/8 inches x 8 3/8 inches


4 in stock

look unused colour is green   size 9 inches in diameter

have crazing



price for the 7 plates


postage on this item (7 plates) to send to the U.K.

is 7.90

buy it now button available soon



William Hulme

Indian tree pattern


only traded from 1948 -1954



2 plates 8 3/4 inches in diameter

and 2 plates 10 inches in diameter



price for the 4 plates




plates look hardly used though one of the smaller plates has crazing


postage on this item (4 plates) to send to the U.K.

is 6.90

buy it now button available soon



George Clews


hand painted plate


dates from the 1950's..this date stamp was used 1947-1961 and the factory closed in 1961





have 1 only

no cracks chips or damage has minor marks

size around 9 3/4 inches in diameter a rarer item


postage on this item (1 plate) to send to the U.K.

is 3.50

buy it now button available soon


Unknown maker plate made in c1882

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unnamed vintage

Large Oval plate

no makers mark

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floradora pattern


Vintage Oil Vinegar Jug


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orient pattern china

Dates to around c1897

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Nirvana pattern no 1003

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Tams pottery


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