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Celeste pattern

coffee pot


size with lid

around 7 1/2 inches high

has craze lines underneath but nowhere else

has a few minor marks but see no damage


1 only



Meakin E pluribus saucer

 size around 5 1/2 inches in diameter

minor use so if your missing one



 to anyone who wants to pay the postage


Maidstone Pattern


Size: 5 7/8"  Diameter

6 in Stock


price for the  6 saucers


hardly used condition


cups have 6 in stock

sizes 2 5/8 inches high

also available

 1 sugar bowl 1.00


price for 3



Casserole Dish

with Lid



Around 7 1/2" High, 7 1/2" x 9" Overall

free to anyone who wants to pay the postage

Condition: No cracks,

 no damage but has been used.

Gilding worn


Tintern Pattern

blue jug

size 15cm high

around 6 inches


no cracks chips or damage

nice item

1 only



 Tintern Pattern

 Fruit/Cereal Bowls etc


Size: 6 1/2"  Square

3 in Stock:

Condition: No cracks, minor underneath nibbles. 1 has crazing underneath.


Square Fruit/Cereal Bowls

Size: 6 1/2"  diameter

4 in Stock:

Condition: No cracks, no damage, 1 has glazed over nibble, hardly noticeable. 1 has crazing.


Round Fruit/Cereal Bowls

4 round dishes 3 square not all perfect and to clear

3.95 for all 7



Tintern pattern

1 dinner plate 2 side plates

size 9 3/4 inches in diameter

and 2 - 9 inches in diameter plain brown

no damage no craze and look unused though minor marks should be expected
price for the 3 plates


 Arthur Meakin

Midnight Star Pattern

has some minor use

1 only in stock


Gravy Boat no Saucer

Price 1.95


 Alfred  Meakin

Manchu Pattern plates

Size: 6 7/8"  Diameter

no cracks chips damage


Qty 2

no craze on plates

Price Each:3.95

nice unused condition no cutlery marks



Qty 2

Price Each:2.50



5 7/8 inches


nice condition


dates to 1897

getting harder to find minor minor use only

1 saucer has craze underneath


Ironstone Pattern

Milk Jug


Link to More Photos


Classic White

Milk Jug

Size:  3 1/2 "  high (g 9)

Condition: very good minor wear only

Price 1.50


Meakin Studio Pottery


Price Each


Size: 2 1/2 "  high

 2 in stock


Condition: good


Coffee Cups / Mugs

Price for the 6



Size: 3"  high

6 in stock


Condition: good


Sugar Bowl




Size: 2 1/4 "  high

1 in stock


Condition: good


Meakin studio

bit of wear, used

5 in stock 

price for the 5 9 (G10)




 Studio Pattern


Link to More Photos


Hedgerow Pattern

Gravy Boat



Price 1.20


Size:  8 "  x 3"

Condition: good no damage



The post house

 soup bowls

2 qty

size 7 1/2 inches diameter

no chips cracks damage or craze

looks as if never been used


price for both bowls



no name soup plates

date to 1914

size 8 3/4 inches in diameter

   4 in stock


nice condition

 no damage

have a  bit of wear

price for the 4



 Indian tree

Link to Photos


J  G  Meakin 

Maidstone pattern



nice condition

size around 2 3/4 inches high

1 only 2.50



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