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Celeste pattern

coffee pot


size with lid

around 7 1/2 inches high

has craze lines underneath but nowhere else

has a few minor marks but see no damage


1 only



Meakin E pluribus saucer

 size around 5 1/2 inches in diameter

minor use so if your missing one



 to anyone who wants to pay the postage



Maidstone Pattern


Size: 5 7/8"  Diameter

6 in Stock


price for the  6 saucers


hardly used condition


cups have 6 in stock

sizes 2 5/8 inches high

also available

 1 sugar bowl 1.00


price for 3




Casserole Dish

with Lid



Around 7 1/2" High, 7 1/2" x 9" Overall

free to anyone who wants to pay the postage

Condition: No cracks,

 no damage but has been used.

Gilding worn



Tintern Pattern

blue jug

size 15cm high

around 6 inches


no cracks chips or damage

nice item

1 only




 Tintern Pattern

 Fruit/Cereal Bowls etc


Size: 6 1/2"  Square

3 in Stock:

Condition: No cracks, minor underneath nibbles. 1 has crazing underneath.


Square Fruit/Cereal Bowls

Size: 6 1/2"  diameter

4 in Stock:

Condition: No cracks, no damage, 1 has glazed over nibble, hardly noticeable. 1 has crazing.


Round Fruit/Cereal Bowls

4 round dishes 3 square not all perfect and to clear

3.95 for all 7



Tintern pattern

1 dinner plate 2 side plates

size 9 3/4 inches in diameter

and 2 - 9 inches in diameter plain brown

no damage no craze and look unused though minor marks should be expected
price for the 3 plates


postage on this item (3 Meakin  plates) to send to the U.K.

is 7.90

buy it now button available soon



 Arthur Meakin

Midnight Star Pattern

has some minor use

1 only in stock


Gravy Boat no Saucer

Price 1.95



 Alfred  Meakin

Manchu Pattern plates

Size: 6 7/8"  Diameter

no cracks chips damage


Qty 2

no craze on plates

Price Each:3.95

nice unused condition no cutlery marks



Qty 2

Price Each:2.50



5 7/8 inches


nice condition


dates to 1897

getting harder to find minor minor use only

1 saucer has craze underneath



Ironstone Pattern

Milk Jug


Link to More Photos


Classic White

Milk Jug

Size:  3 1/2 "  high (g 9)

Condition: very good minor wear only

Price 1.50



Meakin Studio Pottery


Price Each


Size: 2 1/2 "  high

 2 in stock


Condition: good


Coffee Cups / Mugs

Price for the 6



Size: 3"  high

6 in stock


Condition: good


Sugar Bowl




Size: 2 1/4 "  high

1 in stock


Condition: good



Meakin studio

bit of wear, used

5 in stock 

price for the 5 9 (G10)





 Studio Pattern


Link to More Photos



Hedgerow Pattern

Gravy Boat



Price 1.20


Size:  8 "  x 3"

Condition: good no damage



The post house

 soup bowls

2 qty

size 7 1/2 inches diameter

no chips cracks damage or craze

looks as if never been used


price for both bowls


postage on this item (2 soup bowls) to send to the U.K.

is free


We Accept Paypal


no name soup plates

date to 1914

size 8 3/4 inches in diameter

   4 in stock


nice condition

 no damage

have a  bit of wear

price for the 4




 Indian tree

Link to Photos


J  G  Meakin 

Maidstone pattern



nice condition

size around 2 3/4 inches high

1 only 2.50




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