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Johnson Bros 

Johnson Bros

 Coaching Scenes


tea plates

Size: 6 1/4" Diameter

 look unused


Qty in Stock: 3

price for all 3



Johnson Bros Coaching Scenes

Soup Plates


Size: 8 3/4" Diameter

Qty in Stock: 4

Condition: Excellent. Looks unused condition.


Though unused three of these four plates have crazing

price for the 4




Johnson Bros

 Indian Tree


Cups, Plates, Tureens etc

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Johnson Bros  Metro pattern

saucers only 5 7/8 inches in diameter

8 in stock minor minor use

price for the 8


one has a little craze underneath



Johnson Bros 



 2 saucers only

have been used

no cracks chips damage

0.90 for both




Meadowbrook pattern



sizes available

7 inch have 4 in stock 1.00 each

9 inch have 3 in stock 1.50 each

back stamp

10 inch have 4 in stock 1.90 each

these plates have been used not heavy use but have been used


Johnson Bros 

 Victorian Pattern


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Johnson bros

Cotswold pattern

 oval plates 

size 10 1/2 inches  x 13 1/2 inches 



3 in stock



Johnson Bros Snowhite

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plate size

7 1/4 inches in diameter



Johnson Bros 

Historic Scenes


although plate looks unused

due to these hanging wires has 2 minor nips underneath. can  not  be seen from above


plate called Chatsworth

plate called Georgian town house

price for both plates 3.00



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