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Grainger  Worcester

porcelain dishes and others in this pattern

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Bamboo Pattern

1 only Oval Plate


dates between c1873-1889"

Size: 11 3/16" x 8 1/2 "" 

Condition: gilding bit of wear rest minor minor wear

Price Each:4.99



Bamboo Pattern



Dates to  c1897

Link to details


3 plates ....around 7 3/4 inches in cracks no chips no damage but have been used

price for 3 



oval Bamboo Pattern plate probably from a sauce tureen

size around 7 1/2 " x 6 1/8" brown in colour hardly used if your missing one

4.99 ....1 only


cobalt blue in colour saucer around 6 3/16" in diameter. has minor wear to gilding and been used ...but if you need one

1.99....1 only


cobalt blue in colour ...a rimmed soup plate 9 3/8 " in diameter. hardly used gilding fab

have 1 only 11.99




Bamboo Pattern

red plate 10 1/2 inches


Link to Details


still from Grainger ..a pattern called Weed...cup and saucer..` saucer hardly used cup showing bit of wear cup size around 2 3/8 " high so a dinky size... saucer around 5 5/8 " in diameter

have 1 duo only 4.99


again from Grainger .. another called galled Weed...cup  hardly used size around 2 1/4 " high and around 3 5/8 " in diameter

greenish colour

have 1  only 1.99


Grainger cups

Royal china



1st quality

Worcester products

unused condition

size around 2 1/8 inches  about 3   inches diameter


the centre of the flowers are raised with dimple decoration

price for both








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