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rown Devon

 Evesham Pattern


cups saucers tea plates



comprising 4 Tea Cups, 4 Saucers and 4 Plates

Size: 3" High Cup, 5 5/8"  Diameter Saucer, 7" Diameter Plate

Qty in Stock: 4 Trios

Condition: Excellent but some minor condition.


price for 4 Trios

4 cups 4 saucers 4 plates




Milk Jug 8.5cm high

Qty 1

Price 1.95

No damage has craze



 Evesham Pattern

Cake/Sandwich Plate


Qty 1

Price 3.95


Size: 9 7/8" x 9"

Qty in Stock:1




Crown Devon




has crazing and wear to gild


no cracks chips or damage

size around 9 1/2 inches high

Price 2.95


Crown Devon


looks unused no cracks chips damage has a very fine craze underneath hardly noticeable  just a couple of minor marks


fruit bowl

size around 9 inches by 9 inches

2 1/2 inches high


see no problems with this item really nice

the sewing pattern around the sides is raised


has pattern number H  325

1 only




Crown Devon Fieldings

Royal Devon



 the lid is missing from this item

no cracks

has chip on base of jug see photo

wear to handle


price 0.99 to clear



Crown Devon 


Mug size 3 1/2 inches high and 3 1/2 inches in diameter

no cracks chips or damage

has wearing to rim

priced to clear




Crown Devon Fieldings

Cobalt blue and gold set



Crown Devon Fieldings

Veg server

Pattern D404


size around 20cm by around

8 m deep

8 inches by 3 inches


both have crazing

the lid more than the base .the base crazing is only near the handles

unusual to see a veg server with a lid due to the gild on the main dish but they came in together and are matching

so will be sold together

price 2.99




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