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Brown Westhead Moore
Plate warmer

 Satsuma pattern a f


size around 10 3/8 inches in diameter
The diamond mark on the Back dates this to c1879
has damage  but a rare piece

so that's why we are showing it


Teutonic pattern

tea plate size 6 3/4 inches

1 only in stock

 no cracks no chips no crazing

in g9


 Diamond  mark and impressed marks on back says this plate was made in 1872 and June 1st

price 5.50

minor use




Teutonic pattern

soup plate

price 9.95


size 10 1/8 inches in diameter

has been used

not heavy use

no damage or cracks



Teutonic pattern

large oval

size 22 inches by 16 1/4


 <<<<<<<has mark on plate

small surface chip

light crazing

has been used

not heavy use


dates to the 1870's

very few of this size around

minor staining


price 99.95



Teutonic pattern

size 15 5/8 inches by 11 1/4

large oval

price 29.95


has been used

not heavy use

no damage or cracks

no crazing



Covered Vegetable dish  / tureen  sauce soup tureen

with under plate

have 1 covered sauce tureen 8  inches x 5 inches and around 4 inches high

excluding lid which has 2 chips under top cover

price for the 3 pieces sauce tureen and lid with under plate


oval under plate for tureen

size 14 3/8  inches by 10 3/4

Brown Westhead Moore impressed back stamp

have 1 covered vegetable dish 9 1/2 inches x 6 inches and around 2 3/4 inches high

excluding lid

veg tureen has this pattern inside the other plain white


Brown Westhead Moore impressed back stamp


date to around c1880 has Diamond mark dating the item to c1871


not a lot of usage

really nice items



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